Welcome to My Reminders

My reminders app is a one stop solution to the varying requirements of the customers. You can launch a market blitzkrieg with the help of the SMS based app to increase the branding of the company. Besides, it is powerful means to send customized promotional messages to the targeted customers within a very short time.

Why us:

Our SMS application takes a 360 degree approach in taking care of the needs of the customers. Some of the salient features of My-reminder are as follows:

1)     For effective SMS based marketing campaign, the app incorporates the capability to upload the contact information of the customers in bulk from excel and CSV files. It can save lot of time as compared to the apps that allow manual sequential entry.

2)     A simple and compact dashboard with vital statistics related to the SMS. It helps the users to keep track of the message sent and the numbers that are left in the balance

3)     From a single screen, you can access all the features. It is quite simple unlike those applications wherein you might have to flip pages to perform different functions.

4)     Flexibility is the buzzword as we have incorporated the facility of not only adding contacts but also the type of reminder that can be attached. A drop down option makes the task a lot easier for the users.

5)     You can create groups on fly and add remainder accordingly. Moreover, the app also generates reports about the sent message along with recipients and the date. Users can also access the number of pending message and the associated mobile numbers.

6)     Users can create reminders on a series of contacts by including them in the checklist.